Purchase White Poppies

We have purchased white poppies from the Peace Pledge Union for distribution around Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Depots with countertop boxes of White Poppies.

Most drop-in depots have returned their boxes, and the few below are not sure. Please email us if you want to obtain poppies by mail, or if you want to offer a place to host a depot in the next campaign.

Vancouver (East to West)

Countertop display box

North Vancouver

Rest of Canada

Check this page later for additions to the list of depots, or contact us to offer your space.

For “Coquelicot blanc” in Québec, please see Echec à la Guerre .

Order poppies from the Peace Pledge Union in Britain

Please see their website  www.whitepoppy.org.uk
In Fall 2009, shipping by air from London to Vancouver took about 5 business days; In 2010 air mail took 2 weeks, but “airsure” took 4 days. Shipments to us by surface mail took 7 to 8 weeks.