October 14, 2017 (Vancouver, BC)
Wreath Ceremony To Recognize Overlooked Victims of War
Sat. Nov. 11, 2017, 2:30PM
Seaforth Peace Park (1st & Burrard), Vancouver BC

This year, Vancouverites from many backgrounds will gather for a special Remembrance Day
ceremony. “Let Peace Be Their Memorial” will commemorate refugees and other civilian
victims of war, groups that aren’t normally included in traditional ceremonies.

The city-sanctioned wreath laying ceremony is jointly hosted by Vancouver Peace Poppies and
the BC Humanist Association. Wreaths of red and white poppies made by local students will
highlight the huge growth in civilian casualties. 90% of contemporary conflict victims are noncombatants.

Following music and a brief presentation, ten ‘Universal Wreaths’ will be laid to recognize
often overlooked victim groups, including

• Refugees,
• Women,
• Medical & Aid Workers,
• Children,
• Conscientious Objectors,
• Civilian & Military PTSD Sufferers,
• Child Soldiers.

Following this, community groups will lay wreaths to remember victims of particular conflicts.

This ceremony expands the focus of Remembrance Day by recognizing that both modern
warfare and Canadian society are changing. By highlighting war’s devastating effect on
civilians and the environment, we challenge governments to count all the costs before seeking
military solutions to complex human problems.

By reflecting the diversity of Canadian perspectives on war and remembrance, we can ensure that Remembrance Day is an inclusive
and relevant occasion for all Vancouverites.

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Media contacts:
Teresa Gagné, Spokesperson
Vancouver Peace Poppies
604-437-4453 (land) 604-446-4453 (cell)
Ian Bushfield, Executive Director
BC Humanist Association
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