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Vancouver Peace Poppies – Media contacts:

Teresa Gagné, Spokesperson
A native Vancouverite, Teresa Gagné has been demonstrating for peace and social justice since the Vietnam war. She is available for phone or studio interviews on issues surrounding the white poppy, civilian victims of war, peace education, and the benefits of broadening and refocusing Remembrance Day activities in Canada

Peace Poppies co-founder Denis Laplante, a fluent Francophone, is also available for interviews.


604-437-4453 (land)
604-446-4453 (cell)

Media Resources:

Vancouver Peace Poppies has a large library of photos and other graphics suitable for accompanying any article. Images include red and white poppy wreaths created by local schoolkids, photos from last year’s Nov. 11 ceremony, plus many images of white and mixed poppies in various formats and backgrounds. For detailed views of the handcrafted Universal Wreaths see: Google Photos album from November 11, 2017